1.2 Freytag's Pyramid

After watching the vegetable version of the story of Oedipus, we plotted the events on Freytag's plot pyramid. The video was a little confusing, but we thought the basic story was that Oedipus, a potato, met a broccoli on the road and killed him. Then, Oedipus went to a theater, met a pretty tomato, and had a child with her. Later, the tomato realizes that Oedipus is was her son, and kills herself. Oedipus poked out his eyes, said goodbye to his children, and left Thebes forever.

According to the classical western definition of tragedy, I do not think Oedipus the Potato was a tragic hero. The Greek Oedipus might have a tragic hero, but in this version, I couldn't see any tragic flaws or moments of anagnorisis or catharsis. He fell from high status, and the audience might have felt empathy for him, but Oedipus (in the vegetable version) lacked many qualities of a tragic hero.

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